Large University of Minnesota Study Needs Participants!

Large University of Minnesota Study Needs Participants!
The University of Minnesota is in desperate need of more than 300 people to participate in a clinical research study about vaping vs. smoking at the Tobacco Research building on the Minneapolis campus. The paid study is one of several the university has conducted regarding the effects of vaping on the body. The university is looking for over 100 participants in each of three demographic categories: Smoker, vaper, and people who use neither.

Unlike other studies the U of M has completed, this study consists of multiple visits over seven months, with each visit compensating participants as they leave. The first visit is mostly paperwork and an overview of participants health habits and history. This visit pays $25. The next 5 visits are each 4 weeks apart, and consist of sample collection. Participants give blood, urine, saliva, cheek cells as well as blood pressure and breath tests. These visits are fairly fast and pay $50 each. The last visit is the same as the previous visits, but for completing the study, participants walk out with a $200 payout as a thanks for completing the study.

I'm personally a participant in this study, and I've participated in two other studies from the U of M. The process is easy, clean and quick. I actually just finished my third visit this morning before work; It took just under an hour. Parking is provided right outside the building. 

Studies like these are important tools for public health and information.  If interested, call the Coordinator Joshua at 612-626-5107 or email at


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