New Farsalinos Study Debunks Flawed NEJM Report with Realistic Science.

New Farsalinos Study Debunks Flawed NEJM Report with Realistic Science.

Nothing makes vaper's eyes roll faster than hearing someone assert that Vaping has as many or more risks to your health that smoking cigarettes. Many of us have heard about or read the New England Journal of Medicine's report claiming vaping produces more formaldehyde than combustible cigarettes; But one Dr. set out to debunk the report, and He has succeeded.

Vapor research giant Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos has published this study outlining what kind of levels happen under realistic use conditions. The biggest issues with the NEJM report (and frankly many other institutions' research) is that they did not account for how much power is being used (the settings on someone's device) and even more importantly dry hits (heating a tank or device with no liquid). As most vapers know, these two factors completely change how a device vapes and what kind of vapor is produced.

A few key points the study highlights:

•  Formaldehyde is produced by thermal degradation in e-cigarettes.
•  Dry puffs result from overheating and create an unpleasant taste that users avoid.
•  In realistic conditions, formaldehyde in e-cigarettes is lower than cigarette smoke.
•  High levels of formaldehyde are produced in unrealistic (dry puff) conditions.
•  Dry puffs should be avoided in the laboratory setting.

The study concludes that the high levels of formaldehyde emissions that were reported in a previous study were caused by unrealistic use conditions that create the unpleasant taste of dry puffs to e-cigarette users and are thus avoided. Meaning that vapers will avoid the conditions the NEJM report touted as a standard intensity of use.

Dr. Farsalinos and other vape experts hope that this will help avoid future mistakes in method, and be a guide for future studies to get it right the first time. In today's fast paced media cycle where headlines get more attention than the article itself, its important to have the facts straight.

Dr. Farsalinos' stude can be found here

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