Where can I Vape?

Where can I Vape?

You can use your ecigs anywhere outdoors--unless otherwise posted.  You can use your ecig in your home (as long as it’s allowed by the homeowner) or in your car.  You can vape in most vape shops and some other businesses may even allow vaping within their establishment.  However, in some places, legislation has been put in place that makes vaping illegal indoors in particular cities or counties.

If you’re out somewhere and you are wondering if you can use your ecig….always: ask kindly, be polite, be informed and ready to answer any potential questions. And, always be respectful of the rules.  It’s imperative to model appropriate behavior when it comes to using your vape--together we can always represent vaping in a positive light.

You can purchase tobacco cigarettes just about anywhere, even at the grocery store.  Ecigs are not as widely available. You can often find small ecig setups, such as a cig-a-like (a small ecig that resembles the shape and size of an actual cigarette) at a gas station or convenience store.  

The best place to purchase an ecig is from a company who is well informed on the product and can do their job to ensure that you become/are well informed on the product as well.  Usually, this will be a vape store or a shop that specials in ecigs. Ecigs are also available for purchase online so long as their customer’s age has been verified.


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