How To Get All The Wax From Your Cart

How To Get All The Wax From Your Cart

If you already know that vaping is best, you probably have a drawer full of carts you burned through. If you get what we mean, you are probably wondering what to do with the smidge of wax left over—especially when you’re on the brink of running out of weed.

Traditionally, when people run out of weed, they have an ashtray full of roaches to load up in a bong or bowl. But in this new era of smoking weed, empty carts are the new roaches– especially for smokers who hardly ever smoke buds anymore. 

Key Takeaways

  • There are many ways to enjoy the last drops of your cartridge, so make sure you don’t throw them out when you can’t hit the cart.
  • The oil in a cart needs to reach the cotton wick to get vaporized. If you have an empty cart, don’t throw it right out. Store it upright and in a couple of days, when you are looking for remnants of weed to smoke, you can probably hit the vape at least twice.
  • It is possible to get almost every bit of wax left over from a cartridge, but the process varies since different brands have different cartridge designs.
  • If you thought about smashing the cartridge to access the residue, don’t do it. Destroying the glass is dangerous and could cause a mess. 
  • Temperature affects viscosity, so if you live in low-temperature areas, the chances are the THC oil in your cart will get thicker and more difficult to vaporize.

You can’t really blame them for choosing concentrates over the flower. There are so many reasons to consider THC and hemp derived vapes. But if you want to maximize your cartridge and make use of every single drop, you should read this article to find out how.

How Many Hits Does A Cart Have?

A 1-gram cart will roughly give you 250 to 300 hits. However, the number of hits will ultimately depend on how hard you pull, the temperature settings, battery level, voltage, and how long you hit the cart. 

Environmental factors like humidity may also affect the oil and the number of hits because it affects oil viscosity. 

How To Get More Hits Out Of A Cart

Because carts are so convenient for getting a buzz, a lot of people don’t notice how quickly they burn through their stash. But there are best practices for maximizing its contents and factors that affect the number of hits you get out of each cart.

Store Upright

When you are not using your cart or when you are low on oil, store your cart in an upright position. With the help of gravity, the oil will drop down to the coil so you can vape it. 

Keep An Eye On Temperature And Humidity

Aside from storing the empty cart in an upright position, you need to store it at room temperature. Otherwise, the oil will get too thick, making it difficult to drop to the bottom. 

How To Fix A Cart That Is Not Hitting

If your cart is visibly not empty but it is not hitting, make sure that it is working properly, fully charged, and turned on. You can try swapping carts and batteries to determine which is causing the issue, then try the following troubleshooting methods:

Use Heat To Melt It

If the oil is too thick, you can heat it up using a hair dryer on the heat setting to loosen up the oil and let it flow to the wick. If your vape has temperature settings, you can adjust it to a higher temperature. 

Some vapes have a pre-heating feature you can use for wax and thick oils. 

Add A Few Drops Of Vape Juice

If you are into DIY projects, you can try to open up the cart tank. Once you find a way into the cart tank, you can add low-nicotine vape to the remaining oil to vape every last bit. 

Carefully Open It

If the contents are too low and the vape stops hitting, you can carefully open the carts up and scrape the oil remnants to consume it in a different way– which we will talk about later in the article. 

How To Get Wax To The Bottom Of The Cart

If you already placed the cart upright, and it still won’t go to the bottom, the wax might be stuck. Heat the cart using a blow dryer or heating pad so it can flow down quicker.

How To Get Last Hits Out Of A Cart

So you finally got your cart opened and have scraped all the remaining wax or oil remnants– now what? Here is a list of what to do with the excess oil.

Infuse A Joint

One of the best ways to use leftover wax is by infusing it into a joint. Before sealing the joint, you can dip it in the sticky oil to add an extra kick. And if you think you can handle more, you can also use the stickiness to sprinkle some bud on top. 

Dab It

If you have a dab kit, you can dab the leftover wax. Once the cart is opened, use a toothpick or bobby pin to scrape it out – then dab every last bit!

Make Edibles

When making edibles, we usually use cannabis oil or cannabutter. Guess what, you can also use the leftover cartridge oil you saved up to cook your best weed-infused recipes.  

Add It To A Bowl

If all else fails, you can always level-up your bowl game by adding your leftover wax. Just pour the contents into your loaded bowl and fire away!

Here are more unique ways to get the last hits out of your cart, based on people from Reddit.

Put the last drops of oil on your coffee: Just like making edibles, putting a few drops into your tea or coffee would make it work like an edible that will hit hard 2 hours later. 

Save a lot of empty carts and combine everything into 1 cart: If you saved all your used carts, you can transfer the remaining oil into 1 cart by carefully opening it and transferring the contents. 

Consume the wax or oil: If you eat or drink too much of these concentrates, you will get really high. A lot of people on Reddit have tried it and either loved or hated the feeling. Every drop counts so be careful not to spill anything. 

Final Thoughts

Even if your cart looks empty and you cannot hit anything, there still might be a little bit of residual wax or oil to get you high one last time. Just follow the different methods in this article to make sure you don’t waste a single drop. 

With that said, there are cases where you might get too stressed to get the cart to work or have a hard time getting every drop of oil in your cart. And when that happens, we suggest that you buy a new one because sometimes, those few extra drops might not be worth the trouble. 

Wax Cart: Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get All The Oil In A Cart To The Bottom?

To get all the oil in a cart to the bottom, you need to place the cart in an upright position when you’re not using it, especially if you are running low. You can also use a hair dryer to heat the oil until it rolls all the way down.

How Do You Clear A Wax Cart?

To clear a wax cart and all of its residues, you need to carefully open the cart and use a toothpick or bobby pin to scrape and clear the remaining wax.

Is It Bad To Hit An Empty Dab Pen?

It can be bad to hit an empty dab pen since you are burning and inhaling smoke from a dry wick. The dab pen must contain wax – otherwise, it will not taste or feel very good to hit.

Can You Still Smoke An Empty Cart?

Yes, you can smoke an empty cart as long as the oil has reached the wick and coil. If not, you will be burning nothing and it will taste really bad. Some empty carts stop to hit when dry to avoid puffing burnt hits.

How Can You Tell When Your Cart Is Empty?

Aside from the visible indication that your cart is empty, you can tell if the taste is a little bit smokey. If you can still see oil inside the cart, just wait for it to drop down by heating the oil and letting it rest in an upright position. 

This video is quite helpful if you are looking for new ways to keep on smoking an empty cart and get every wax and oil remnant. 

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