Wyld CBD CBN Gummies Review

Wyld CBD CBN Gummies Review

You’ve probably heard so much about cannabis products and all the flowery language used to describe them. These products are now readily available in all forms, from aerosols to edibles and creams. 

Edibles are among the most popular type of cannabis, so it makes sense to talk about CBD + CBN gummies since you’re likely to try out these first if you’re a newbie. If you aren’t, you never break a bone by learning a few more things, especially about something you use frequently.

Wyld is one of the many cannabis companies that have cropped up over the last decade. Based in Oregon, it makes high-quality products ranging from high THC stuff to hemp-derived gummies rich in CBD, CBG and CBN. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Wyld’s CBD + CBN Gummies

Key Takeaways

  • Food scientists expertly craft Wyld’s CBD + CBN gummies to ensure top quality and potency.

  • These gummies are made from broad spectrum CBD and CBN.

  • The gummies are formulated to boost sleep, induce relaxation and calmness.

  • Wyld CBD CBN gummies are third-party tested to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Wyld Gummies Potency

It’s fair to argue that having been in the CBD industry since 2016, Wyld understands its craft. And so the company rightfully stakes its claim as one of the top cannabis brands in the country.

It makes some of the best CBD gummies in the country, consistently producing well-developed products that meet the highest standards. 

Wyld’s CBD + CBN gummies come in an Elderberry flavor and are predominantly rectangular-shaped, soft, and easy to chew. 

But one of the things that matter when it comes to cannabis edibles is potency, right? And Wyld doesn’t disappoint. The potency of its gummies is just okay – not overwhelmingly strong or dismally weak. 

With 25 mg of broad spectrum CBD, 5 mg of CBN, and very low THC content per gummy, these are exactly what you need to supercharge your endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD, CBN, THC, and other cannabis compounds have an impact on us due to their interaction with the ECS.

The ECS is the body’s regulatory system; it corrects processes and mechanisms that go wrong. Typically, the body produces its own version of cannabinoids called endocannabinoids. 

CBD, CBN, and THC are phytocannabinoids and interact with cannabinoid receptors in pretty much the same way.

Cannabinoids like CBD and CBN activate cannabinoid receptors triggering wide-ranging physiological processes like pain relief, better sleep, and anxiety reduction. 

Normally, the body’s response to an intake of cannabinoids depends on the potency of the products. At high concentrations, cannabinoids stimulate more intense reactions than at lower concentrations. 

That’s why beginners should start with smaller doses before upping the ante to larger doses. People react differently to cannabinoids, so it’s always smart to err on the side of caution.

In any case, cannabinoids like CBD and THC have an inverted U-shaped dose-response curve. This basically means that more is not always better with these compounds. Some of their most desirable effects, such as relaxation, are attained at lower doses.

Wyld Gummies Quality

Wyld commits to good manufacturing practices (GMP) and consciously understands users’ varying values. That’s why it strives to develop gluten-free and vegan-friendly gummies. 

Cannabis products derived from hemp typically have low amounts of THC, as the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act requires. In brief, this Act (popularly known as the Farm Bill) differentiated hemp from marijuana, reinforcing the illegality of the latter.

Hemp has very low THC content (0.3% or less). So, it is legal, as are its derivatives. Marijuana, on the other hand, tends to have high THC content and remains illegal in the country. What hemp lacks in THC content, it more than makes up for in CBD content. Hemp-derived products usually tend to have higher CBD concentrations. 

Wyld’s CBD + CBN gummies are THC-free and made with real fruit extract. Evidently, the company strives to produce all-natural products.

Quality is an issue when it comes to the CBD industry. The lack of FDA oversight means companies have leeway to do what they want. We all know the danger of this. 

However, there are several measures you can take to avoid dubious cannabis products. For starters, buy from reputable vendors. How do you know a company is reputable? 

  • Check its website to see how much information it shares about its manufacturing processes and products. 
  • Read consumer reviews to get an idea of what other users think of the company and its products.
  • Reputable companies are transparent, so a certificate of analysis (CoA) is the bare minimum they should have on their website.

Wyld CBD + CBN gummies are subjected to third-party testing to ascertain quality and safety. The company works with certified labs that text each product for potency and safety. Their efforts are supported by Wyld’s team of food scientists, who ensure the strictest excellence measures in flavor and quality.

Wyld Gummies Effects & Experience

The cannabinoids in Wyld gummies are ingested orally. This means they go through the digestive system, after which they are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Now, this has several implications. The effects take a while to kick in because the cannabinoids must be digested first and then absorbed. Once in the stomach, the cannabinoids undergo first-pass metabolism, effectively reducing the quantity of the active ingredient that reaches your systemic circulation.

As a result, the bioavailability of CBD via oral administration is unimpressive. Scientists think it’s as low as 6%, essentially implying that from one Wyld gummy, you get only 1.5 mg into your system! 

Nonetheless, if you can get sufficient CBD and CBN into your system, the effects will not disappoint. At lower doses, calm alertness welcomes you to CBD’s therapeutic effects. At higher doses, drowsiness kicks in, priming you for a night of restful sleep (if you take the gummies in the evening). 

However, we’d love to remind you that everyone responds differently to cannabinoids. So, consult a healthcare provider if you’re unsure about how much CBD you should consume. With Wyld gummies, it’s ideal to start with one to experience the effects.

Wyld Pear CBD Gummies Review

Flavors like cherry, grape, mango, or lemon are quite popular among CBD brands. But, pear?! This is no doubt a first; Wyld makes pear-flavored CBD gummies, and you have to try them. 

These sugarcoated gummies have 10 mg of CBG (cannabigerol) and 20 mg of CBD – the result is a richly satisfying, feel-great experience! The potency is not very strong, but the flavor is incredible.  

Two gummies are perfect for pain relief and relaxation. The beauty of these gummies is they have precise amounts of cannabinoids, so dosing is straightforward depending on your health needs.


Wyld’s pear-flavored gummies are a big hit with cannabis lovers. These THC-free fruity treats contain 20 mg of CBD and 10 mg of CBG, which is great for balancing the mind and body. The gummies induce a calming yet energizing feeling. Their all-natural flavor, gentle dose of broad spectrum CBD, affordability, and eye-catching packaging are key selling points.


So, as with all things, Wyld’s CBD + CBG gummies have their strong points and downsides. So, here’s what’s good about these pear-flavored gummies:

  • Delicious product flavor
  • Gluten-free 
  • Vegan friendly
  • Made with real fruit
  • THC free
  • Third-party tested
  • Made with broad spectrum hemp extract


Here are some problem issues we identified with these gummies:

  • No extraction information
  • Available only in broad spectrum variety
  • A combination of CBD and CBG is great for people seeking sleep solutions. So this product may not be ideal for daytime use.

Wyld CBD Elderberry Gummies Review

We’d love to swear these are the best-tasting CBD gummies you’ve ever tasted, but we don’t want to! These juicy cannabidiol-infused treats have a unique Elderberry blend and possess 25 mg of CBD and 5 mg of CBN.

This combination gives a more potent sedative effect and falls shy of inducing sleepiness. They are ideal for winding down and the end of the day or clearing the mind of anxiety. They are also good for managing pain and discomfort. Beginners may experience drowsiness, though.


As is the standard of Wyld’s gummies, these chews taste incredible! With 5 mg of CBN and 25 mg of CBD, these juicy treats are your ideal sleep companion. They are also great at soothing muscles and relieving anxiety – just what you need to sleep well. They are attractively packaged too.


As always, Wyld strives to make products that meet the expectations of its customers. Toward this end, these Elderberry gummies meet expectations because they:

  • Induce relaxation and calmness
  • Reduce pain, promote sleep, and reduce stress and anxiety
  • Are broad spectrum, users don’t have to worry about getting “high” from THC
  • Expertly packaged
  • Have a CoA


Having talked about these gummies in such glowing language, it’s ironic that we identified a few issues that customers may not like. These are:

  • They may induce sleepiness hence not ideal for daytime use, especially for beginners.
  • They are a bit pricey compared to other products
  • They are available only in broad spectrum CBD

Wyld Elderberry Gummies Effects

Besides their great taste, these gummies are suitable for sleep, pain relief, and anxiety. People using it for sleep claim it helps them stay asleep longer.

So, go for these if you’re looking for calming relief from pain and stress.

Where to Buy Wyld Gummies 

Don’t know where to buy these tasty, healthy gummies? You can get these online right here. Alternatively, you can visit our stores in NE Minneapolis, Woodbury, Burnsville, and Bloomington from 10 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday, and 10 am to 6 pm on Sunday.

Try out the Wyld CBD Gummies for only $20.00. They come in four different flavors and collectively contain 250 mg of broad spectrum CBD. This means each CBD gummy has 25 mg of hemp-derived CBD.

Check out this video for more information on what other consumers think of Wyld Elderberry gummies!