The Smokeless Difference: Over a Decade of Innovation, Service, and Integrity in the Vaping Industry

The Smokeless Difference: Over a Decade of Innovation, Service, and Integrity in the Vaping Industry

By Angie Griffith, Co-Founder of Smokeless

In 2009, amidst the bustling corridors of Twin Cities' malls, Jesse and I embarked on a pioneering venture. We introduced the public to e-cigarettes, devices that, at the time, resembled traditional cigarettes and promised a revolutionary approach to nicotine consumption. These early models, with their threaded heating elements and modest battery life, were far from perfect. Yet, as we personally experienced a decline in our cigarette intake, we recognized the transformative potential of these devices.

Despite their initial prohibitive $200 price tag at the time and the challenges they presented, our commitment was unwavering. We dedicated ourselves to supporting our early adopters, ensuring they had the tools and knowledge to transition from traditional smoking. Our reputation for unparalleled service quickly spread, and technological advancements allowed us to offer more reliable and longer-lasting products.

Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction led us to develop our signature e-liquid line, "503." Over two years, we meticulously crafted flavors, mirroring popular cigarette brands and introducing a range of fruit and bakery flavors for those who wanted to stray away from the flavor of tobacco or found it an unhelpful trigger in their smoke-free journey. This allowed our adult clientele to taper their nicotine intake gradually, a method we found most effective based on our experiences and customer feedback.

By 2014, the vaping landscape had transformed. Our brick-and-mortar stores showcased a plethora of more advanced devices, and the term "vapes" had earned its place in the dictionary. We were no longer pioneers in an unknown field but leaders in a burgeoning industry. Our commitment to helping smokers transition was evident. We even incentivized customers to discard their cigarettes, offering discounts as a testament to their commitment to change.

However, the industry's evolution was not without its challenges. The introduction of JUUL and its salt nicotine formula brought a new wave of products and controversies. While JUUL aimed to assist smokers, their association with Big Tobacco and accusations of targeting younger audiences cast a shadow over the industry. The emergence of disposable salt nicotine devices further complicated the landscape, with their environmental implications and alarmingly high nicotine concentrations.

At Smokeless, we've always prioritized our customers' well-being. While disposables became the industry's trend, we hesitated, concerned about their addictive nature and environmental impact. Yet, recognizing the market's shift, we made the difficult decision to stock a limited range, using them as a gateway to introduce customers to more sustainable and cost-effective open system devices.

In the ever-evolving world of vaping, Smokeless has consistently been at the forefront, adapting to the needs of our community. Our foundational mission was clear: aid traditional smokers on their path to quitting. Today, while that commitment remains unwavering, we recognize a new challenge on the horizon. A younger generation of adult vapers, many untouched by traditional cigarettes, are increasingly enticed by the potent allure of high-nicotine disposables.

In response to this shift, we proudly introduced the 503 (cold version) line of e-liquids. Crafted meticulously, this collection captures the icy and menthol nuances that have become synonymous with the disposable market. By infusing these familiar undertones into our top-selling flavors, we've forged a seamless bridge for disposable users to transition to open systems.

For years, our rallying cry has been "Throw Your Cigarettes Away." Now, as we navigate this modern vaping era, we urge our community to "Set The Disposables Down" and embrace a more sustainable, controlled, and fulfilling vaping experience. 

As I reflect on our journey, "The Smokeless Difference" is more than a slogan; it's our ethos. It signifies our unwavering commitment to mission over profit, to forging genuine connections before transactions.  It's our promise to uplift every customer, to ensure they leave our stores with a smile, whether they make a purchase or not. In an industry that has seen its share of ups and downs, Smokeless stands as a beacon of integrity, service, and innovation. We're not just vendors; we're helpers, dedicated to delivering happiness and making a tangible difference in our customers' lives.

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