The State of Vaping in 2020
It's been a wild ride of headlines from the end of last year through now. Flavor bans, T21, tax hikes and a looming PMTA deadline round out what could be the most important year for access to smoke free alternatives....
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MN Lawmakers Make 2020 Vaping Proposals Public
Halloween may have passed, but the suspense remains as Minnesota lawmakers begin drawing up plans and proposals for the state's upcoming 2020 legislative session. Legislators don't resume work at the capitol until February, but some important announcements have shed light...
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The First Line of Defense for Smoke-Free Alternatives
Minnesota's legislators have returned to the Capitol, bringing with them all sorts of speculation on laws and regulations to be proposed and enforced. It's an election year fraught with hot topic issues from the opioid epidemic, to sexual harassment/misconduct policy,...
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