Delta 8 in Bloomington, MN

Delta 8 in Bloomington, MN

Whether you're a local to Bloomington or a visitor coming from the MSP airport, Smokeless - Vape and CBD is the number one destination near you for finely crafted and curated Delta 8 THC products. Our product lineup includes top shelf Delta 8 flower, Delta 8 cartridges and vapables, Delta 8 concentrates, Delta 8 tinctures, and Delta 8 edibles. At Smokeless, we have it all. Exceptional quality customer service (checkout our google reviews) is our top priority and our educated sales staff is eager and ready to help you find which product is best for your specific needs. Perhaps you are a traveller on business or visiting our famous Mall of America? Smokeless - Vape and CBD is the only dedicated vape and cannabis store inside the city limits of Bloomington, MN and our store is located just 3.5 miles, about a 6 minute drive, from the MOA mall and MSP airport.  

Looking for Delta 8 near you? We can't wait to meet you! 



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