Smokeless Wins Best Vape Shop in the Twin Cities Metro

Best Vape Shop

Smokeless Smoking

In a world where smoking is detested and buildings ban cigarettes and electronic cigarettes with equal prejudice, Smokeless Smoking is a lounge outfitted with free wi-fi and video games, where folks trying to quit tobacco can vape to their hearts' content. Making the transition from the cigarette to a chargeable, customizable e-cig can be a daunting learning curve, however, and the friendly clerks behind the juice bar feel your pain. They're bona fide experts who will hold your hand and explain how it all works as many times as you need to hear it. The website also carries a set of frank how-to videos. Part art gallery, mostly casual hang-out, Smokeless Smoking is a new business on the edge of dumping Philip Morris, run by much nicer guys who want you to quit worrying and love the cloud.

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