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Staff is phenomenal! They are extremely helpful!


Lovely and mellow body feels, smells good, creative moods 💗

UWell Caliburn Pod
Aleksandr Gritsenko
Time is Money

Working 3rd shift, it's hard to get thing I need,. Due to the fact that everything is closed. But Smokeless Vape simply have online ordering and curbside pick up. So that made my shopping convenient. I will definitely be doing future business there. Thanks guys!!! Much appreciated !!!

Great New features

The best Caliburn yet. Recessed button. Airflow Control. Love the 1.2 ohm coil as well.

Pleasantly Potent Pineapple

Really lovely taste and smooth to vape. Surprisingly potent - went through this cart very quickly. Will be trying more from this brand. Highly recommend!

Ki Device
This stuff is a life saver

Smooth and definitely helps with stress relief and quitting tobacco smoking. I vape mine daily and the pods last me about 1.5-2 months.

Ki Pod
melissa jandle

Ki Pod


My first experience with delta-8. Very pleasant! Gives energy and clarity with some pain relief as well. Tasty to boot!


Wow, these gummies are tasty and wild. Start with half. Be sure you're done with the day and ready to relax before ingesting!😎

Best CBD I've found in cart form.

Relaxes and eased body aches almost immediately. Great taste and better price. Highly recommend.

Great for when my pup plays too hard

My dog sometimes comes home after a long play day and will be sore or favoring a leg he over worked and I can see the relief that this product provides for him. Will buy again.

Great Option!

This flower has a great similar effect as the tasty Botany Farms D8 gummies!

Foundry Delta 8 Gummies 200mg
Selena Vaillancourt
Night night

Love these gummies! Chill me out enough to sleep, but no drowsiness in the morning.


I am so grateful to have found your product! Beautiful smell, awesome thick flower, and instantly takes away the pain in my back. Not to mention it grown in US and is organic! I'll be repeat customer, fo sure.

Foundry Cartridges 750/900mg

Great prodcut

This product is the best I have tried. Super smooth and full of terpenes. Really takes the edge off things. Highly Recommended.

Awesome Sauce

I received the delta 10 pineapple haze by accident, but it was the best accident I've ever had! The strength of this blew me out of the water! I'm a former mmj user so I had many doubts. Especially since I was a wake and baker. But this took care of my pain completely, and to my pleasant surprise, actually felt a little stoned. The relief it provided will be having me come back for more!!

Aspire Nautilus Coils- 1.6 ohm

Exactly what we needed. I guess these are becoming "Old School" and are getting hard to find, but we love the Nautilus Aspire tanks. Nice and small so they fit easily into a pocket or purse. Thank you Smokeless for keeping the coils for them available!


great taste, nice buzz that doesn't put me to sleep but makes me productive. LOVE THESE!!


Tried a dozen CBD vapes brands. This is by far the best if you want a long lasting good kick, but less potent than D8.

Thick oil, long lasting.

Vapmod Dragoo Cartridge Battery

Foundry Delta 8 Gummies 200mg

Cbd d8 cartridge

I have had horrible chronic pain for years and I'm allergic to most pain medications. The CBD D8 has taken that hard edge off of the pain and also helps me fall asleep, finally!

UWell Caliburn Pod
Jennifer Dahn
They work great

The pods work great if you prime them for like ten minutes before use and don’t let the juice run too low.

Natural Neosporin - You can use it for anything!

We started out by using this on my toddlers eczema. Which turned into my also using it for my cuticles and feet to keep them smooth during the dry MN winters. And now, it’s referred to as “feel better” in our household. We use it for cuts, burns, scrapes, cramps, growing pains, and imaginary boo-boos.