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This is the best confection flavor I've ever tried, and a great all-day vape. Even at 45mg,it's never harsh.

Almost perfect.

My only beef is I'm in kansas and you can no longer ship directly to me, so when I order it goes to a family member who mocks this particular law and mails it to me. I know it's not your fault, government can be a pain in the ass.


I like the mellow fruity taste I get with Pom Pom!

My favorite!

Perfect for day or night! Relaxing, helps with my anxiety a lot. Highly recommend to try!



Great products.

Shipping is super quick !

Purple Rain

I love the unusual flavor. Not a lot of juices with hints of floral out there.
Order fulfilled quickly and my juice just arrived 7 days later, today. Not too shabby.

I love lasso menthol and Smokeless Smoking products. I don’t know what to do now they can’t ship ...

Lasso menthol helped me stop smoking cigarettes and clear my lungs. I don’t know what to do now that there is no way to ship lasso menthol to a 75 year old adult in Florida. The government is so wrong to make our life so unhappy. Does anyone have a suggestion??

Just what it needed

I really do adore the Drag S in form and function but the pods are just so limiting and leak. Now I can use my fav tank and have a device I can use my other med marijuana carts on. !

Pinnacle Tincture

Great product in easy-to-use form

Best taste of any vape CBD I've ever tried. Works well for stress and anxiety and overall well-being.

Wonderful juice.

Amazing flavor.

Looked everywhere

So glad to find these tanks, I looked everywhere for them, and could only find the ones with adapters that I didn't need. So happy to find them.

Pinnacle Disposable Pen

As I had hoped

I wanted to try something other than sugar crumb (tried caramel apple pie, doesn't taste as expected) so I gave this a go. I don't mind maple flavor at times and I usually get flavors like butterscotch, various vanillas, etc. Maple Doughboy is an online only flavor for reasons I'm unaware of, however, I will be purchasing again. The flavor is just as I had hoped for and now I have another option for an all day vape besides sugar crumb from Smokeless. Thank you.

they are coils

i got coils and i know they are coils because i can see the spinny metal inside and thats fun i also know they work because heat happened and then vape happened very cool stuff important stuff

They've done it again - Aspire never disappoints.
I bought this kit with the intent to use the device with my Botany cartridges - which what a match made in heaven.
At the time, I was an avid pod system user but I was curious about the tank as in the past enjoyed the the vaping experience with Aspires atomizers.
After putting my favorite flavor in the tank - I realized how great it tasted. Charles Dinsmore Reserve is such a complex flavor and the pod system has not done it justice.
Needless to say, I'm back to being a HUGE Aspire fan!


By far the best thing about this E-juice that stands out for me is that it does not taste like it's pure sugar. It's a smooth hit, with a nice flavor. Every other "mix berry" I've tried tastes like it has so much sugar in it, I can almost feel a film in my mouth. But not with Ultimatum! It's clean, refreshing, and definitely a GREAT option for an all day vape.

The best

This product is awesome! It helps me out when I wake up in the middle of the night. A couple of puffs and back to sleep!

Just What I Needed for a Minimalist Vape

As a previous hookah fanatic looking to ease up on my vices, I went with this kit at the staff's recommendation. Simple & Effective - it's so good in fact I ended up getting another kit so that I have a few tanks and battery life to spare.

Thanks again, Smokeless - you all ROCK!

Great taste

Closest thing to real tobacco


Bought this for my drag max 120 grit sandpaper the in side of mod fit in there perfect. Pumped to have my falcon 2 back 😊

Purple Rain

Good Flavor~

Great tank and perfect for using with 510 adapter on the Drag X ....