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Tried a dozen CBD vapes brands. This is by far the best if you want a long lasting good kick, but less potent than D8.

Thick oil, long lasting.

Vapmod Dragoo Cartridge Battery

Foundry Delta 8 Gummies 200mg


Wonderful flavor, mild smoke that brings calmness and sleepiness.


I can’t figure out what flavors are in this juice but it’s delicious! Love it & will buy again

Cbd d8 cartridge

I have had horrible chronic pain for years and I'm allergic to most pain medications. The CBD D8 has taken that hard edge off of the pain and also helps me fall asleep, finally!

Good quality and flavor, reasonable price.

This is an easy all day vape if you're looking for a lighter, fruity taste. Nice notes of cranberry with a spritzer mouth feel. This is my first time vaping the Smokeless house liquid, and I look forward to trying their other flavors.

Purple Rain
Anya Trosclair
Favorite flavor!

Honestly my favorite flavor ever. The patchouli and lavender is fantastic. It's hard to find good floral flavors!

UWell Caliburn Pod
Jennifer Dahn
They work great

The pods work great if you prime them for like ten minutes before use and don’t let the juice run too low.

Sass Salt
Dwight Castimore
Sass Salt

Wonderful flavor and very smooth..

Natural Neosporin - You can use it for anything!

We started out by using this on my toddlers eczema. Which turned into my also using it for my cuticles and feet to keep them smooth during the dry MN winters. And now, it’s referred to as “feel better” in our household. We use it for cuts, burns, scrapes, cramps, growing pains, and imaginary boo-boos.

Lucky Number
Kat Serrano
Great products.

Love my Smokeless Smoking products and store !


I am so impressed by the level of service and care. With all the new ways of shopping, I am excited to stop in when I need product. I feel like they get to know you and truly enjoy what they do. This was the first product I bought and I loved it! I haven’t had a bad recommendation from here. Shop local!

The best brain booster <3

Bliss is part of my morning ritual, I take that as soon as I wake up. As someone with depression, I can say it has changed my quality of life tremendously. It’s what also helped me cut my 6 shots of espresso caffeine habit. In turn, it curbed the majority of my anxiety. I also take it in the evening if I have plans with friends and need a little extra boost so I’m not head bobbing at dinner.

Don't sleep on this product!

I have to say, this was a very unsuspecting (AMAZING) product. I didn’t know what to think of it as iIt was the first CBD product I had ever taken. During the first few weeks I didn’t feel like I noticed a dramatic difference.
Then I forgot to take it for a few day and I realized very quickly that not only it does wonders for the arthritis in my back but helps regulate my sleep cycle.
Even more surprising, it helped with my seasonal allergies. I thought I was a little crazy on that last part but I chatted with a few other people who had been taking it and they noticed a significant improvement on their allergy symptoms.

Great flavor!

I usually vape PomPom, but tried Blackbird on a staff recommendation. It was the best recommendation, Blackbird is now my favorite flavor. Highly recommend trying it if you like PomPom.

Tastes Great

Great product. Super smooth and tastes like dank bud. Love it.

I appreciate having a local business to purchase this from. I love this product.

Ultimatum - HIGH VG
Drew Running
Excellent Flavor

I rotate between flavors and Ultimatum is a personal favorite. This juice wicks so well and doesn't skimp on the flavor. This is an excellent flavor. Friend have asked me about it based on scent alone.

Kat Serrano
Great products.

Amazingly helpful staff.

Ki Device
Elijah Freebairn

Best ever

New Mod

Picked up the Vaporesso Gen and it’s a great mod. Takes 2 18650 batteries not included. Blows huge clouds with the tank and coil.
Coil is .19 Ohms and I’m hittin vape at 75 Watts. Works awesome.

Blend 4
Garth Teske
Not happy I can't order anymore

Very lame I can't order from

Great for relaxation

These gummies are great for evening wind-down. They help with relaxation and mind clearing.

Has helped me sleep!

The product is great! It has helped me sleep every night. I do need 1.5 doses to work but it is great!