What is eLiquid or 'juice'?

What is eLiquid or 'juice'?

eLiquid, or ‘juice’ is the fundamental liquid component used to fuel your device. eLiquid is either stored in a tank-style atomizer or dripped directly onto the coils, like an RDA.  eLiquid comes in almost any flavor you can imagine and it is produced by a variety of different brands.  You may find that some liquids taste or vape better than others.

eLiquid is water soluble and therefore is not an oil.  It is mix of four main ingredients; propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and flavoring. Most juices are made up of a combination of PG and VG. A PG heavy juice will provide more flavor and throat hit whereas a VG heavy juice will provide more vapor.  

eLiquid is available in various nicotine strengths from no nicotine, which is, 0mg/mL (milligram per milliliter) to 25mg/mL and up.  When produced with nic salts some eLiquid is even available in 50mg. Different types of liquids and strength are recommended for different devices.  For an example: Some atomizers require more power and work best with a VG heavy juice whereas some atomizers work better with less VG.

Say goodbye to cigarettes and hello to vaping!

As folks who were once newcomers ourselves, we know that making the switch from cigarettes to vaping can sometimes be overwhelming. We’re here to help you process all the new information and get you vaping!  If you have any questions about vaping or what setup might be best for you, please email us here!


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