What Is Cured Resin vs. Live Resin

What Is Cured Resin vs. Live Resin

Concentrates are one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis nowadays. Because of this, more and more cannabinoid concentrates are being sold in the market to please users with something new almost every year. Some of the more recent favorites include live resin and cured resin. 

Although the advancements in cannabis and hemp-derived products are good, it is still best to understand and know what you’re smoking to be safe, especially in areas where cannabis and hemp-derived products are legal. 

In this article, we will talk about live resin and cured resin to get to know their differences and why it matters – helping cannabis fans like you to choose which option is your best bet!

Key Takeaways

  • Live resin and cured resin are both cannabis concentrates that are extracted from cannabis and hemp plants. 
  • The main difference between them is the extraction method, which gives them various properties. 
  • Both live resin and cured resin can be consumed by dabbing, infusing them with cannabis flowers, vaping, and consuming orally in the form of gummies or other edibles.
  • Hemp-derived live and cured resin is legal at a federal level, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. However, some states might not comply with this federal bill and have hemp laws of their own.

What Is Live Resin?

Live resin is a concentrate extracted from freshly harvested cannabis or hemp plants. This concentrate is becoming one of the most popular options because of its unparalleled potency, strong flavors, and effects. 

The process of making live resin involves freezing the newly harvested plant before extraction to retain cannabinoids like Delta-9 THC, CBD, and more – together with terpenes and flavonoids that are usually lost when the plant is dried, cured, and exposed to too much heat. 

How Is Live Resin Made?

Live resin is made by freezing freshly harvested cannabis or hemp plants to retain the aroma and flavor before the extraction process. Once frozen, professionals use lab-grade equipment and chemicals to extract live resin oil, which is later used for making products like live resin vapes. 

What Is Cured Resin?

Cured resin has been around for a while, and unlike live resin, cured resin is made with cannabis nugs that are dried, cured, and trimmed. If you think about it, it is made with cannabis flowers, which have the highest THC concentration in cannabis plants. 

In theory, cured resin should be more potent. However, without some of the terpenes and other cannabinoids, it cannot produce some of the effects you get from live resin.

What’s The Difference Between Cured Resin vs. Live Resin

Cured resin and live resin may be concentrates, but there are some differences between them – which could help you determine which option you want. 

As for its potency, it depends on the user. Some users prefer the more body-heavy high from cured resin. In contrast, others prefer the more balanced high from consuming full-spectrum live resin products. 

They also vary in price, as live resin is slightly more expensive because of the unique and lengthy extraction process. 

One of the main differences between them is the flavor and effects. Live resin is left with more terpenes after extraction, meaning it has more flavor and stronger aromas – reminiscent of cannabis flowers. 

What Are The Benefits Of Live Resin Concentrates?

Live resin concentrates have many benefits. Because it contains more cannabinoids and terpenes from the original plant, it tends to produce a better high; this phenomenon is referred to as the entourage effect.

Anecdotal evidence also suggests that terpenes may also have therapeutic effects, such as anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. 

Not to mention, live resin vapes vs. regular are more flavorful and more potent compared to distillate and other options. 

Cured Resin vs. Live Resin: Potency

Cured resin’s potency depends on the THC content of the original strain. On the other hand, because of live resin’s unique extraction process, it is deemed to be more potent with a more satisfying high, according to most users. 

Cured Resin vs. Live Resin: Methods To Consume It

Both cured resin and live resin can be consumed orally, they can both be smoked using a dab rig, and you can infuse them with joints, bowls, and bongs. Some of the most popular ways to consume these concentrates are edibles and vape products.

Cured Resin vs. Live Resin: Can You Find Both Online?

You can find both cured resin and live resin products online. Still, before purchasing cannabis concentrates – you might want to make sure you purchase them from trustworthy brands and retailers like Melee to avoid the dangers of live resin from inferior products.

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We also have live resin gummies that will make you feel the blend of well-curated cannabinoids and terpenes; plus, they are an absolute treat!

Final Thoughts

With the legalization of hemp-derived cannabinoid products in most states and at a federal level, it is safe to say that we can expect more new cannabinoid products and concentrates to be discovered in the following years. 

Live resin might be one of the best concentrates up to date, but many users still choose cured resin because of its lower price. But with that said, live resin is still the most potent, most flavorful, and overall – gives the better experience, according to many cannabis users. 

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Cured Resin vs. Live Resin: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cured Resin Better Than Live Resin?

If you are wondering, is cured resin better than live resin? It really depends on the user’s preference. If you are into a more full-spectrum product that contains stronger flavors and aromas, live resin is for you. But if you want something with a more well-rounded high, cured resin is an excellent choice. 

Is Cured Resin The Same As Live Resin?

Cured resin and live resin are both concentrates, but they are not entirely the same. Cured resin is made with dried, cured, and trimmed cannabis flowers, and live resin is made with entire freshly harvested plants.  

Is Live Resin Stronger Than Resin?

Live resin is more complete than regular resin because it retains more cannabinoids and terpenes, making the experience feel like smoking real cannabis flowers. On the other hand, cured resin’s potency depends on the THC percentage. And it has fewer terpenes, making it lose flavor and therapeutic effects from terpenes. 

What Does Cured Resin Do?

Cured resin is a type of concentrate users consume to get high. You can infuse it with joints and bowls. Other popular ways to consume cured resin are by using a dab rig and when you purchase cured resin vape cartridges and edibles. 


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