T21 Advocates take aim at Bloomington, Minnesota

Written By Nathan Affield - September 25 2017


November 04 2017

This could really be a moment of true progressiveness for Minnesota, where we draw the line in the sand and ban cigarette sales for people under 21 but keep vaping age restrictions the same. Unless they can provide us with proof or at least reasonable suspicion that vaping is comparably harmful to tobacco to persons 18-21 then this will do nothing but prevent current smokers age 18-20 from having a vaping alternative to quit

October 06 2017

Jordan, THR4L said there was no conclusive evidence. and your articles support that.

Your first article talks about the potential loss of sales; which isn’t the concern as the article states is only 2% annually. They show a decrease but fail to account for the effects of smokers who started before age 18 and under T21 could not access vaping, which is shown to help smokers quit at almost double the rates of other quit methods.


The second article, published by the same journal that still stands behind the now completely de-bunked “formaldehyde” article, simply states that doing something had an effect.
The data is incomplete seeing as there is no evidence the surrounding counties took different steps (such as increased education) to combat youth smoking.

That’s like saying if 1 out of 17 people in a group runs while the others stand still, they have moved.

Keyword here is “conclusive” evidence.

THR4L says that education will go further to prevent youth smoking and T21 leaves smokers caught in the gap out to dry.

October 04 2017

THR4L is lying when they say there is no evidence that this will stop children from smoking. They are an activist organization founded to promote vaping, not a credible source of information.

According to a recent study of these laws in the American Journal for Public Health, they work in decreasing the amount of children who start smoking. Almost 60% of those aged 18-20 have been asked by children under 18 years old to purchase tobacco products for them. By removing their ability to supply minors with tobacco, a quantifiable reduction in harm occurs.

Am J Public Health. 2014 November; 104(11): e18–e21.
Published online 2014 November. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2014.302174
PMCID: PMC4202948
Retail Impact of Raising Tobacco Sales Age to 21 Years

Here’s a second study showing that when comparing communities that institute a 21+ tobacco law, smoking rates decrease in minors compared to communities that do not institute such a law.

Kessel Schneider S, Buka SL, Dash K, et al Community reductions in youth smoking after raising the minimum tobacco sales age to 21 Tobacco Control Published Online First: 12 June 2015. doi: 10.1136/tobaccocontrol-2014-052207

Keep in mind that the tobacco industry fought when legislation was passed to prevent minors from purchasing tobacco products in the 80s and 90s. Don’t work in their favor today because you benefit as well.

Skip Murray
September 25 2017

We couldn’t agree with you more! Education is the #1 way to reduce youth smoking. According to the American Lung Association the main reason kids start smoking is because their parents or other adult in their life smokes. By helping adults quit smoking, we will create a domino effect that will help reduce youth smoking. The best way to “save the children” is to save the adults!
~ Skip Murray
Minnesota Smoke Free

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