New Data Prompts Big Announcement from American Cancer Society

Written By Nathan Affield - June 22 2018


August 16 2018

My husband and I smoker for 45+ years and my son introduced me into vaping because my husband had open heart surgery. Talked to my dr. and he said he would rather we didn’t do anything but vaping was a better choice. I have had nurses ask if we smoked and said vaping was a better choice because we don’t get all the thousands of chemicals that a cigarette has in them. It was hard to transfer to the vaping but we did it. Trust me it is NOT the same thing as smoking cigarettes.

Laszlo titkos
June 27 2018

Just a few weeks ago I had a doctor try to tell me that vaping is ‘the same’ as smoking. I quickly corrected her explaining that actually it is not even close to the same thing and suggested that she go and educate herself before providing completely false information to patients. Not cool at all…

Stefan A. Bailis, PsyD, LP
June 23 2018

Slowly but surely the scientific and political consensus is changing in the US. As the technology—including testing methodology—improves I expect to see more studies with positive results published and, in turn, public health policy statements will increasingly be favorable. Regarding the Juul devices, there may or may not be a “Juul epidemic”. However, the Juul only comes ejuice with nicotine—rather high percentage, actually. Because Juul has been popular among many high schoolers, and because Juul Labs has so far refused to sell it with zero-nicotine, Juul Labs, is bringing undue criticism of vaping in general. Several years ago, a study indicated about 70% of high school seniors vaped with zero mg of nicotine. Evidently, they like vaping but don’t want to be addicted to it. The Juul, however, will surely result in more nicotine addiction in this population. Therefore, for the sake of the health of all minors who would use a Juul, at the very least, Juul Labs should have enough conscience to offer the Juul without nicotine. (I am a licensed psychologist who works a lot with adolescents, and I have a research interest in vaping).

Beth Layeux
June 22 2018

It’s about time. Ignorance.

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