Hospitalizations from "vaping"? There's much more to the story

Written By Nathan Affield - August 23 2019


October 29 2019


Jay Oku
August 26 2019

Thank you for addressing this hysteria. Appreciate your attention to this hot topic. Its extremely sad anytime someone falls ill from a product, however after 7 years in the industry and having 10.6 million smokers convert to ecigarettes without one of these incidents, its evident that this is coming from other products. Appreciate your efforts to preserve and protect responsible Tobacco Harm Reduction.

Nathan Flint
August 26 2019

Thank you for researching and posting this. I have been looking for information regarding this and have been unable to find any. I appreciate the education and being able to be informed. Keep up the good work!

August 24 2019

Yes…this is a very recent thing. If it was vaping, there would have been cases going back over a decade. In the beginning of the vaping industry, it was always said “They don’t know the long term affect”. Now that it has been many years, is anything showing up with long term vaping?

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