503 Day Returns! Are You Ready?

503 Day Returns! Are You Ready?

If not for 503 eLiquid, Smokeless wouldn't be the company we are today. In honor of 503, we hold a special customer appreciation event on May 3rd to celebrate and give back to our wonderful customers. The event happens at each of our stores and features a grand prize for anyone (*must be 21+ to participate) who books a flight and hits all four Minnesota stores, plus our Folsom, California location within business hours on 5/03/19. We promise it's possible to complete the challenge as we have had multiple winners in past years! We'll get into what the prize is a little later....

Although May 3rd isn't our anniversary, we go harder than Black Friday on 5/03, and 2019 marks our fourth 503 day event! If you've been before, you know customers enjoy everything from food to games, and of course, huge sales! 

503 Day WOW

Meet Theo from Facebook
If you didn't know, every Friday at 5:03pm on our Facebook page, we do a flash sale on eliquid. Theo, our favorite pup, picks from 3 Smokeless Distro brands and whatever he chooses is 50% off until Midnight that day! Since this year's 503 day falls on a Friday, our weekly What Will Theo Choose game will be held not once, but four times, live in store! To make it even more fun and exciting, Theo will be choosing from promotional prizes that will be awarded to everyone in the store when we go live on Facebook and he makes his choice. Swing through our stores on 5/03 for a chance to meet everyone's favorite furry friend Theo and win limited edition prizes! 

The Tour
Visit every store on 5/03 to maximize your customer experience!  This year we have a special raffle with some huge prizes, soon to be announced. Customers can double their entries by visiting all four Minnesota stores! Our winners will be announced on Monday May 6th. You can click here to see all our store locations!

"But what about that special bonus for visiting all five stores on 503?" We're glad you asked! Customers who make it to all five Smokeless stores in one day unlock $720 of 503 eliquid for just five dollars and three cents! (FDA regulation prohibits us from giving away free eliquid). An adventure and a boat load of eliquid? Sounds amazing!

More news and details to come next week when we fully announce our 5/03 day plans! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on all the latest Smokeless news!


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