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Hey, we like you guys a lot!  We feel privileged to share the love of vaping with you!  We want to thank you for sharing the journey to be free of tobacco.  In doing so, we offer a customer loyalty program through a website called Perkville.  For every dollar you spend with us, you will receive one "point".  You build points with every purchase, and once you reach 200 points, you can redeem them for $10 credit towards your next purchase.  These points can be used either in person or online.  If you so choose, you can also save up your points, and at 500 points, you can redeem them for $30 credit towards your next purchase.


If you are a new customer;

When you give us your email address you will receive an email from Perkville asking you to create an account.  What's cool about being a new Perkville member is that you receive a 50 point bonus, just for singing up!


If you are already signed up with Perkville:

There are three ways to redeem points in person.

1. You can print off your credit and bring it with you to any of our locations.  

2. You can show us your credit on your smart phone while you're in any of our lounges.  

3. We are more than happy to look up your account balance for you while you're here!


To redeem points for online purchases:

 When you are ready to use your points for an online purchase, please contact Jordyn via email, or phone call. 217-4550 ext 0.

Unfortunately the bar code you are given when you redeem perkville points does not directly correspond to a discount code for our website.  You must contact Jordyn for a discount code.


I'm a previous customer.  Do I have perkville points?

 We can check that for you!  Please use the contact information above.

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