Fast Buds Feminized Seeds - Tropicana Cookies Fast Flowering - Indica Hybrid 5-Pack - Smokeless - Vape and CBD
Fast Buds Feminized Seeds - Tropicana Cookies Fast Flowering - Indica Hybrid 5-Pack - Smokeless - Vape and CBD

Fast Buds Feminized Seeds - Tropicana Cookies Fast Flowering - Indica Hybrid 5-Pack

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Strain Type: Feminized
Low <1%
Yield Indoor :
1.5 - 2 oz/ ft 2

Yield Outdoor:
12-23 oz/plant
Height Indoor:  
Height Outdoor:
Flowering time:
6-7 weeks
Harvest Month:
Early October
Genetic Background:
Tropicana Cookies x Tropicana Cookies Auto
Sativa 35% / Indica 65%
Creative, Relaxing 
Moderate Climates
Sandal Tree, Sweet, Lemon

Indulge in the mesmerizing allure of Fast Bud’s Tropicana Cookies FF strain, where beauty meets potency in a symphony of colors and aromas. Watch as your garden transforms with the growth of stunning purple blooms, often graced with subtle lights, predominantly dark hues, and hints of pink and blue. Adorning this vibrant palette are dark-orange hairs scattered artfully throughout.

Tropicana Cookies FF boasts buds of impressive density and compactness, crowned by a lavish layer of resin that imparts an almost ethereal, fluffy appearance. A boon for growers, the scarcity of sugar leaves simplifies trimming sessions, rendering the process effortlessly efficient.

Elevating your senses further, breaking open the buds releases an aroma akin to sweet candy fused with the essence of citrus peels and sandalwood. A scent so uniquely captivating, it's bound to invoke envy among your circle of friends. This strain stands as a treasure trove for hash makers and extractors seeking that extraordinary terpene profile.

With THC levels soaring up to 28%, the effects of Tropicana Cookies FF initiate with a vibrant surge of energy, igniting mental gears and ushering forth a focused, creative mindset. Gradually, this vigor translates into a profound body relaxation, embracing pain relief and culminating in an elated, ear-to-ear grin. Versatile in its offerings, this variant is equally fitting for daytime adventures or tranquil nights with friends. It's the magic that fuels convivial gatherings and then ushers you into serene slumber before the count of ten.

The feminized photoperiod version of Tropicana Cookies FF is a testament to vigor and speed. Its stout stature boasts a robust main cola flanked by shorter side branches – a quintessential Indica-dominant hybrid characteristic. Featuring tight internodal spacing, the buds flourish atop each other, yielding massive yields without the hassle of unwieldy growth. In just 6-7 weeks of flowering, this strain has the potential to reward cultivators of all levels with up to 650 g/m2. Let Tropicana Cookies FF redefine your cultivation journey - a powerful and flavorsome masterpiece that's simply a must for every enthusiast.


*Successful cultivation outcomes may vary and are subject to individual growing conditions and techniques. 

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